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Dentures – Complete and Partials
Milwaukie, OR

Senior woman smiling with dentures from Spring Creek Family Dentistry in Milwaukie, ORYour teeth are a crucial feature of your mouth that have many important responsibilities. When you suffer tooth loss, all of these functions and more are affected. Whether you lose your teeth as a result of gum disease, facial trauma, or other reason, these effects are all the same. At Spring Creek Family Dentistry, we can provide tooth replacement with complete and partial dentures.

What Happens When I Lose Teeth?

One of the most noticeable effects of tooth loss is the impact on your smile. With your smile less than perfect, your confidence can plummet. This is just one effect, however. Other effects of tooth loss include
•  Difficulty biting and chewing. These issues can impact your digestion and your nutrition as well.
•  Trouble speaking properly, which can lead to miscommunications.
•  Any healthy teeth remaining in the arch begin to shift out of alignment.
•  Your facial tissues loose support, which leads to a sunken appearance. Skin sags and wrinkles form, causing you to look much older than you are.

Dentures for Tooth Loss

Dentures are the traditional treatment for replacing missing teeth. They have been around for hundreds of years, although modern developments in the field of dentistry have led to dentures looking much more natural than their predecessors. Long gone are the days of obviously fake restorations. While still removable, the dentures used today consist of an acrylic base that is colored to match the color of your natural gum tissue. The base, which sits directly on your gums, holds acrylic resin teeth, which are made to look much more like real teeth.

Complete Dentures

Complete or full, dentures are what most people think of when they think dentures. These dentures are made to replace a full arch of missing teeth, whether it is the top arch or the bottom. Before getting your dentures, any unhealthy teeth that are still in the arch must be extracted. Following extraction, an impression of your mouth is taken. This impression is used to design and create your custom denture. Once the denture is ready, it is checked for fit and bite.

Partial Dentures

When you are missing a section of teeth, but the rest of the teeth in the arch are still healthy, there is no need to remove those healthy teeth. However, the section of missing teeth needs to be replaced. We can do just that with a partial denture. A partial denture is specifically designed to fill in the empty space left behind by your missing teeth. Getting a partial denture is similar to getting a full denture. After removing unhealthy teeth, an impression is taken. The impression is then used to create a custom partial denture. While the design of a partial denture is similar to a complete denture, a partial denture also has metal clasps that attach to your healthy teeth. These clasps help to provide additional support to your restoration.

Denture Benefits

Dentures provide several benefits, including
•  Restoring your abilities to eat and speak.
•  Improving digestion and nutrition.
•  Giving you back your smile, which can help to greatly improve your confidence.
•  Partial dentures help to hold adjacent teeth in alignment.

No matter how many teeth you have lost, it is essential that you have them replaced. Complete or partial dentures can restore the functions of your missing teeth as well as the quality of your smile. Call Spring Creek Family Dentistry at 503-659-9658 for more information and to find out if dentures are the right solution for you and your dental care.

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At Spring Creek Family Dentistry, we can provide tooth replacement with complete and partial dentures. Click here to learn more about dentures.
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